UK Registered Charity Number 1111399

In January 2003, two teenage sisters from London, Chase Olivarius McAllister and Kathryn Olivarius, visited the Vuleka School in Johannesburg, South Africa bearing 33 large boxes of clothes, books, DVDs and games they had gathered through a collection drive. Conscious of the poverty in which the Vuleka School children live and somehow surmount, Chase and Kathryn were nevertheless overwhelmed by the outpouring of delight and gratitude their modest items generated among the recipients, some their same age, who had rarely received something new, or something they could truly call their own. The children’s glee was contagious. But it was the generosity of the Vuleka children in the face of their own great need which was most inspiring. As they opened gifts from unknown people in London, each child still thought of his or her own community, saving items to share – or give – to friends and relatives.

Moved by this, Chase and Kathryn resolved to not only continue, but to share this joy with their own school friends and community. After they returned to London, Chase led a group of students from her school to organise sponsor-a-child programmes, school
supply drives, cake sales, and to seek funds though door-to-door solicitations. Kathryn, eager to increase the funds sent to the Vuleka School by providing donors a structured mechanism for giving, formally organised GenerationNext! as a charitable trust. In September 2005 GenerationNext! became UK Registered Charity 1111399.

Buoyed by the enthusiastic response both in London and at the Vuleka School, GenerationNext! is now expanding its mission.