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  Global Mentors
GenerationNext!Global Mentors lend their expertise and their demonstrated record of accomplishment to creating and developing the activities of the charity.

Christopher Barnes (New Jersey, USA)
Christopher Barnes holds the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Claim Officer for the Global Corporate Division of Zurich Financial Services. In this role, he oversees claims for the global corporate business division worldwide. Prior to assuming his current role, he held the position of Senior Vice President, Claims for Zurich in North America. Mr Barnes has more than 25 years of insurance experience. Mr Barnes is a graduate of Duquesne University, completed the Advanced Executive Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business and received his JD from Rutgers School of Law.
Eleanor Brown (Kingston, Jamaica)
Eleanor Brown, a Jamaican national, is the Reginald F. Lewis Fellow at Harvard Law School. Ms Brown’s writing interests lie at the intersection of globalisation, development and the law. Based on a belief that developing countries are ill-served by a globalisation framework that liberalises border controls for capital and goods, but not for people, and that a significant impediment to such liberalisation is the absence of effective mechanisms to ensure that low-skilled aliens comply with immigration laws in developed countries (including the United States), she is currently working on a case for outsourcing enforcement mechanisms to source-labor countries and utilising group accountability principles to buttress compliance. Most recently, Ms Brown was a Senior Executive at the Caribbean Investment Fund, LP, the first pan-Caribbean private equity fund in the British Commonwealth Caribbean and a Chairman of the Trade Board, the government entity with historical responsibility for Jamaican trade policy. Ms Brown served on the Board of several publicly traded Caribbean companies, and was until recently the youngest director of Caribbean subsidiaries of the Bank of Nova Scotia (Canada), Mirant (USA) and Marubeni (Japan). Ms Brown was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship in 1994, and attended Oxford University where she received her masters degree in Politics. She is a 1993 graduate of Brown University with a degree in Molecular Biology and she received a law degree in 1999 from the Yale Law School.
Rev. Eilidh Campbell St. John (Hobart, Tasmania)
Eilidh Campbell St. John was born in England but grew up in Australia. Having operated a successful public relations company in Adelaide, South Australia, she returned to England and trained as a hypnotherapist and counsellor before being ordained as a Unitarian minister at Manchester College Oxford. In 1991, she returned to Australia and currently serves as the Unitarian Universalist Chaplain to the University of Tasmania. Additionally, she is the Founder and Director of the International Institute for Non-Violence and Social Change, devoted to education and non-violence. Rev. Campbell has recently submitted her doctoral dissertation to the University of Tasmania in Sacrality and Secularism.
Andrew Gallagher (Richmond, England)
Andrew Gallagher serves as Managing Director of Corporate Development to BAE Systems. He is a solicitor, member of the Law Society of England and Wales and a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.
Laurie Goering (London, England)
Laurie Goering is the Chicago Tribune's India correspondent. She previously worked as a foreign correspondent for the paper in Latin America and Africa as well as covering the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Mrs Goering has received several awards including the 2002 Edward Scott Beck Award for reporting from Africa and Afghanistan and the Madeline Dan Ross Award of the Overseas Press Club of America for her part in a 1997 series on global overpopulation. She also shared a Beck award for that series. She moved to London to become a European correspondent for the Chicago Tribune in July 2008.
Helen Graham, DPhil (Toronto, Canada)
Helen Graham, an economist, is currently Director of the Automotive Strategy Branch, Industry Division, for the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development. Her previous position was Director of the Industrial and Financial Policy Branch in the Ontario Ministry of Finance. After completing her undergraduate studies at Harvard she received a Rhodes Scholarship (Missouri and St. John's, 1979) to study at Oxford.
Christopher Griner (Virginia, USA)
Chris Griner is a Senior Partner in Kaye Scholer LLP's Washington, DC office where he counsels and represents foreign and domestic clients on international transactions involving national security and other government approval issues. Prior to joining Kaye Scholer, he served as Attorney Advisor, Office of the General Counsel, Department of Defense from 1973 through 1977.
William Ireton (Tokyo, Japan)
William Ireton, President & Representative Director of Warner Entertainment Japan has broad oversight of all of Warner Bros. businesses in Japan, including theatrical production and distribution, television distribution, home video, consumer products, international cinemas, and online and emerging distribution technologies. Until 2006, Ireton served as Managing Director, Warner Bros. Pictures Japan where for 18 years he had been instrumental in the distribution of such key releases as the Matrix trilogy, the Harry Potter films and, more recently, Letters from Iwo Jima. William Ireton graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo with a double major in political science and philosophy.
John Lloyd (Exeter, England)
John Lloyd was born in the mountainous African kingdom of Lesotho. While a student in the 60's, he was outraged by the cruelty and unfairness of apartheid, and campaigned aggressively for change. Along with many others, he was arrested under the notorious 180 days law and detained without charge for four months. After release, he decided to move to Britain, where he worked as a journalist and teacher and continued the campaign, leading his local Anti-Apartheid Movement group. Inspired by the many fine lawyers who had challenged the apartheid laws in the South African courts, Mr Lloyd became a UK barrister and now practices in Exeter.
Karin M. Muraszko, MD (Michigan, USA)
Dr Karin M. Muraszko is the Chair of Neurosurgery at the University of Michigan. Educated at Yale University and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr Muraszko completed her neurosurgical training and pediatric neurosurgical training at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center at the New York Neurological Institute. Dr Muraszko is actively involved in organised neurosurgery, serving on a variety of committees within the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, the American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery and the American College of Surgeons. She is on the Physician's Advisory Committee of the Spina Bifida Association and is on the Advisory Board of the March of Dimes. She is a Professor in Neurosurgery at the University of Michigan and has been on staff there since 1990.
James Retallack, DPhil (Toronto, Canada)
Dr James Retallack is a teacher, writer, and editor who takes great enjoyment in getting people excited about history. A Rhodes Scholar (Ontario and St. John's, 1978) with an Oxford D.Phil. in Modern History, Dr Retallack joined the University of Toronto in 1987, where he is now Professor of History and German Studies. In 2002, he received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Prize from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn. Dr Retallack is dedicated to making education and learning accessible to all, which prompts his involvement in the work of GenerationNext!.
Simon Robinson (London, England)
Simon Robinson is TIME Magazine's South Asia Bureau Chief. He covered Africa for TIME between 1999 and 2006, first from Nairobi, Kenya, and later from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has reported from more than 40 countries in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, including Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Yemen and Zimbabwe. In 2003, he was TIME's Acting Bureau Chief in Baghdad. Mr Robinson is the co-writer and producer of Doing Good, a satire on journalists and aid workers in Africa. Shot in Kenya, the hour-long film screened at festivals in Africa and the US and aired on Kenyan television. In 1999, he won a UK Business Journalist of the Year Award for his coverage of African mining. In July 2008 he moved to London to cover business and globalisation.
Michael Rothschild (New York City, USA)
Dr Michael Rothschild is the Director of Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Mt Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. He is the author of more than 60 articles and chapters in his field, and he has edited two multi-authored textbooks. He is also the editor of the Transactions of the American Bronchoesophagological Association. Dr Rothschild has been involved with computers in medicine for many years. In addition to his book on medical practice Web sites, he has lectured widely on the medical Internet, and has authored a number of articles and chapters on this subject. He serves as the Internet editor for the AMA journal Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. He also does work in photography and Web development through his company,
Eric Schorr (New York City, USA)
Eric Schorr is an award-winning composer based in New York City. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians. Before moving to New York City, Mr Schorr worked for Yale University as a speaker and officer for its office of undergraduate admissions. Mr Schorr is also a Yale College graduate.
Megan Schuller (California, USA)
Megan Schuller graduated from Yale College in 2005 with a BA in Political Science. Ms Schuller studied at the University of Cape Town during her junior year and has written extensively on the structure of public health in South Africa as well as its role in promoting democracy in the region. Committed to working for AIDS relief, Ms Schuller co-founded an annual AIDS Walk in New Haven, Connecticut that raised over $30,000 in its first year. She has also worked with AIDS relief organisations in the US and South Africa, including SHAWCO in Cape Town, South Africa and Community Servings in Boston, Massachusetts. Since graduating from Yale, she has served as Chief of Staff at McAllister Olivarius in pursuit of her career in international law. In September 2008, Ms Schuller will be law student at Boalt Hall in Berkeley, California.
Vickram Suri (New Delhi, India)
Vickram Suri joined Hansa, his family group, as Director in 2007. He is working to move the textile division of the group towards higher margin and environmentally sound businesses. Prior to this he has worked in finance, with Morgan Stanley & Co. in New York, Putnam Investments in Boston, and at derivatives market-makers Mako in London. Most recently he was a Strategist at McAllister Olivarius, and the Director of Marketing at charity GenerationNext!, both in London. He received a BA in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999 and has done graduate work at the Yale School of Management.