UK Registered Charity Number 1111399
GenerationNext!Trustees volunteer their time to direct the activitites of the organisation, oversee disbursements and supervise staff.

Dr Ann Olivarius
Dr Ann Olivarius is a graduate of Yale College ('77), Yale Law School ('86), Yale School of Management ('86) and holds a DPhil from Oxford University in Economics ('90) where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar and as an American Association of University Women (AAUW) Fellow. Dr Olivarius's legal career includes service as General Counsel, CEO and Director of Scientific Programs of a US medical foundation with assets valued in 1990 at over $100 million. Dr Olivarius is now a Senior Partner and Chair of McAllister Olivarius, and international law firm with operations in the US, Britain, Europe, Asia and South Africa. Dr Olivarius also serves on the Boards of openDemocracy, USA Inc. and the National Alliance for Autism Research (UK), also known as Autism Speaks. She is Managing Director of Latitude LifeCare and CEO and Chair of the Rhodes Project, the first in-depth study of the experiences and achievements of women Rhodes Scholars.
Dr JFO (Jef) McAllister
Dr Jef McAllister is a graduate of Yale College ('77) and Yale Law School ('86) and holds a DPhil from Oxford University in Modern History ('81) where he studied as a Marshall Scholar. Before joining McAllister Olivarius as a Senior Partner, Dr McAllister was the London Bureau Chief of TIME Magazine from 1999 to 2007, where he wrote on politics, public policy, diplomacy and law, including prize winning cover stories. He previously worked for TIME in Washington D.C., where he was Deputy Bureau Chief (1997-99), White House Correspondent (1995-97) and Diplomatic Correspondent (1989-94). He has travelled regularly with Prime Minister Blair, President Clinton and US Secretaries of State Christopher and Baker. He is the author, with U. Alexis Johson, former US Under Secretary of State, of The Right Hand of Power.
The Hon. Antonia Strachey
Antonia Strachey is a student at the London School of Economics where she is concentrating on Economic History and Economics and is active in student government and journalism. She completed the International Baccalaureate at Sevenoaks School in Kent, England and has lived in Serbia, Russia and Georgia. She helped fundraise for GenerationNext! in its early days, and her travels have convinced her of the importance of recognising the moral relationship that exists between countries like the UK and the US, and poorer parts of the world. This evolving understanding is the engine behind her work with GenerationNext!.